shinkai would like to express the beauty of a pearl made by nature and the strength held within a natural stone. They are made in a unique Japanese style, handmade to have a delicate and warm soft texture. We would like to hold highly refined metalcraft technique and novel concept to resonate with those who wear it. We consider deeply about the material of each pearls and stones individuality. For this reason, we use the uniquely different shapes seen in baroque pearls as the main motif. Our jewelry is simple and elegant. Subtle yet bold. Created by high level technique, and understanding, it is able to have its own unique aesthetic since we are both the designer and the craftsman.

自然の恵みで生まれた素材の持つ個々の特性を生かし、経験で培った独創性と高度な技術力であるべくしてあるような心地よさを創出していくジュエリーを目指しています。 既存の価値感にとらわれず、本来持つ自分の感覚を楽しむ人へshinkaiを届けたいと思っています。



Born in 1976

Mizuki SHINKAI began metal engravings since 18 years old.
In his goldsmith career, he has done jewelry designs and metalcrafts for many famous jewelry brands as a subcontractor.
When he had a child, he felt he wanted his baby to grow spiritually rich. He was inspired to create his brand for his kids, showing beautiful things with his highly refined technique and aesthetic sense.
That is how he came up with the concept for this brand.

眞貝 瑞季



2013年  RICO by mizuki shinkai コレクション発表

2015年  パリにてコレクション発表

2018年  松屋銀座に直営店オープン

2020年  ブランド名を shinkai へ改め、
      flagship shopを蔵前にオープン

2022年  伊勢丹新宿店に直営店オープン

眞貝 瑞季