alphabet stud earrings shield

About the collection:
alphabet collection

Although it is very small, it quietly makes a presence with the attention to detail that is unique to shinkai. Each piece is hand-engraved with your initials, so you can order it AtoZ.
Use just one piece as a talisman jewelry. Enjoy them in your own way by making them in different materials and with different initials.
Choose from four types of metal: platinum, K18 yellow gold, K18 pink gold, and K18 white gold.
Available in 1 piece.

No.: AL01-002D

AL01-002D-PT Platinum (post is K18YG)
AL01-002D-YG K18 Yellow gold
AL01-002D-PG K18 Pink gold (post is K18YG)
AL01-002D-WG K18 White gold (post is K18YG)
Motif size: Height approx. 9mm x Width approx. 7mm
Silicone/K18 catch included

About your order:
We will produce each item one by one after receiving your order.
Please write your desired initials in the notes section. All initials (26 characters) and "&" can be engraved.
It will be shipped approximately 4 weeks after your order.

If you have any questions, please contact us before placing your order.

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